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Finance Terms & Conditions


The weekly repayments as stated on each vehicle displayed within this web site are based on a loan at the full purchase price of the vehicle and a loan term of 5 years at an interest rate of 12.5%p.a. (referred to as the benchmark rate).  The repayment stated may not necessarily include the fees and charges applicable to the loan applied for.  Rates can vary from as low as 6.00% and may be higher than the rate as stated within this example.

Where the fees and charges are to be included as part of the loan repayment stated the actual comparison rate may vary to the stated rate.  Please note that interest rates vary from lender to lender which may alter the weekly repayment to this example. 

Eureka Lending Group advises that each applicant contains its own circumstances when applying for finance which may alter the type of loan available and the repayments applicable to your situation.

Before entering into any (purchase or) loan agreement you are advised to contact Eureka Lending Group for a quote and assessment of your finance position to confirm your ability to seek a finance approval and the repayments and costs related to the loan.

You are advised to seek independent financial advice when seeking finance for any purpose.  This information sheet does not constitute an approval of finance.  Terms and conditions apply to all finance products and are available on request from the lender.  Different terms, fees or rates will alter the outcome of this example.

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